What's on my table... Thanksgiving edition

Thanksgiving is one of my most favourite holidays. I love how it's simply to be thankful for what we have and to appreciate our loved ones. In my family, it's kinda turned out to me be "my holiday", which means that everyone comes to my place for dinner. Suits me just fine! :)

I kept my table fairly simple this year. Keeping with my "Frugal but Fun" budget, I didn't want to spend too much on decor but wanted to make sure it looked lovely at the same time.  I am a true believer that you don't have to spend a fortune to make everything look wonderful!   Plus, there was going to be 15 of us, and 12 feet of table in my dinning room! Kinda a tight squeeze, but we made it work. :)

Vintage brown bottles filled with craspedia, wax flowers and sunflowers added some colour to my table. They were simple and small and didn't take up the much needed room for food and my guests! Plus I thought they looked sweet. :)

I finally got a chance to pull out my new wine glasses that I got on sale this summer. LOVE them :) Harvest gold napkins tied with twine completed this look. The family loved it and I think it turned out nicely. 

Wishing all my friends south of the border a very happy Thanksgiving for next week! 
Love Tam xo

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