There was lego everywhere.....

We were so excited when Connor and his family asked us to come back for his birthday again this year. This is the 3rd party that we've done now for them and each time we seem to have more fun than the last. Connor had let us know back in January when we were there for his sister Sophie's birthday that he wanted a Lego party for his next party and sure enough 9 months later, he still wanted it!

It was so much fun! These little boys have so much energy, and we knew we'd have to keep them hopping, so we jam packed our 3 hours with all kinds of fun and high energy lego activities.

Not sure if any of you have seen this before, but I think it's quite possibly the most incredible invention ever! Lego Candy! that's right folks... you can build with it AND eat it! We had all kinds of goodies for them to create with. The candy stacks just like real lego and we had icing to use as glue to stick all the other goodies on with. So much fun!!

We had a lego relay race where you had to see which team could fill a bowl with the most lego, using no hands and carrying it under your chin. We had a contest to see who could build the tallest lego tower with only having the tower no more than 2 pieces of lego wide. There was lego bingo too! My most favorite activity though, was seeing who could pick up the most lego pieces during a set amount of time using only one of those sticky grabby hands from the toy store! Fairly entertaining ;)
Special thanks to Connor and his family for having us. The kids were really great and we had a fantastic time. Can't wait to see them all again at Sophie's next party!
Big Hugs,
Tam xo

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