Things I love...

Oh my goodness! Things have been so wonderfully busy for me lately. I'm really enjoying it and have so much to share with all of you, I promise I will blog and fill you all in real soon :) For now these are just a few things that I've stumbled upon and are absolutely loving. A traditional wedding can be so beautiful, but I really do love the little creative touches.

We're currently booking for the Spring/Summer 2011 season so if you think you might want some help, let us know! Whether you just need someone to bounce ideas off of, want us to decorate, or run the whole show for you, we're here to help! I'm so fortunate to have the team of amazing ladies that I do! Our focus is to make sure your big day, really is the wedding you've always dreamed of, and believe me.. we do everything we can to make sure it's truly magical.

So here you are.... some things I'm loving lately...

{whimsical photo shoots}

{simple but elegant table settings}

{bright coloured flowers, and random pieces of furniture}

{mismatched bridal parties}

{everyone loves lemonade}

{and of course cupcakes.... did you really think I'd forget?}

Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!
Love to all,
Tam xo

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