Happy Birthday Rachael!

It's our very own Rachael's birthday today! Wishing her lots of love, happy times and hoping she has the loveliest of days! 

You know when you first meet someone and you instantly know that they truly are someone special? This is exactly how I felt when I first received an email from Rach, and then even more so when we had our very first tea visit. I knew that I wanted her to be a part of my team instantly and I'm so glad that she said yes! 

She is truly an amazingly kind, hard working, and wonderful lady and I'm so happy that our paths crossed and we get to work together. 

P.S. She has great dance moves too ;) 

Wishing you the BEST DAY EVER Rach! xoxox 

Love Tam xo  


  1. Happy birthday Rachel, I hope you had a great time in your birthday. My all wishes are with you and with lots of love!!

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  2. I just stumbled back upon this and it totally made my day! can`t wait to get into another awesome wedding season <3

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