Snow day!

Hey All,

I'm sorry I've been a little absent lately, but this month has been a crazy busy one! I'm moving at the end of the month and have been busy packing and meeting with all my brides and grooms for this year.

I'm so excited to move! Not only am I moving to an early 1900's house, I will finally have my own home office! Besides the wainscoting, I think this is what excites me the most! I can't wait to decorate and make it my own! Once I'm settled and have my own space, I'll be a lot more present, I promise ;)

Today was a snow day for me and many others. The roads were just too dangerous for me to head into the office in town, so I stayed home in my PJ's and got it all done here! This is the view from my desk today. Not too bad at all, except now I'm off to shovel it! :)

Hope you all had a lovely warm and cozy day!
Love Tam xo

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