A garden wedding - Allison and Mark

Today was one of the best days I've had so far on this adventure! Today I received the nicest, kindest, and most thoughtful email from Allison and Mark, a recent bride and groom and it truly made my day.

I came to meet Allison and Mark through another local wedding planner. She had to suddenly move cities, and needed someone to take over a few weddings that she had this summer. She sent me a note to see if I was interested and available. I'm so glad she did! Thanks so much Lindsay! xo

Allison and Mark live in Australia so all of our meetings took place over the phone as well as a whole lot of emails. :) Just a few minutes into our first phone chat I could tell how kind, down to earth and friendly they were. You can imagine how happy and grateful I was when they sent me a note to say that they wanted me to be their new planner :)

It wasn't long before the wedding was here, and our busy day began. It was a long day, but honestly everyone was so wonderful and I was having so much fun it just flew by!  Allison and Mark's family and friends are just as lovely as they are; so very welcoming and helpful.  The day was great! The venue and food were amazing! We had a few technical hiccups, but we just plugged right along through them. Special thanks to their friend Jason! He was my technical genuis/hero for the evening and I am ever so grateful! 

I'm sharing with you some photos that are taken from Christine's blog. She's one of the talented photographers who took some of the shots you're about to see. She actually came all the way from Australia to be with the happy couple on their day! How amazing is that?! The 2nd photographer was a Seattle gentleman named Kip, and being the small world that it is, he actually ended up knowing the Groom as well!

Please click here to see Christine's Blog and the remainder of the photos...

This is the note that I received today in my inbox. These kind and thoughtful words really did make my day. The thoughfulness of the Bride and Groom really shine through. I'm so glad I was able to meet them, and be a part of their day.

"You did such a fantastic job! We were so lucky to have you as our wedding planner. During the planning, I always felt more at ease after chatting with you, and LOVED how organized you were - I knew we could count on you. On the day, you took care of everything, and we were so impressed by your calm demeanour and can-do attitude even though you were in the middle of putting out small fires, so to speak! We knew you were taking care of things, and you went above and beyond in your dedication to making sure our wedding and reception were all that we hoped they would be. We highly, highly recommend you!" ~ Allison and Mark

Thank you both so much for everything. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!
Love to all,
Tam xo


  1. It looks so beautiful. That's such a sweet note and I'm sure you totally deserved it.

  2. Thanks Lara! It was such a pretty day, and they really were a dream to work with! Hope you're doing well! xo