Two people are going to be very happy....

From where I sit this morning, truer words have never been spoken ;) Lots of late nights and early mornings lately for me! I'm looking forward to a few days off around the holidays. I haven't had a real vacation in about 3 years and this little "staycation" I have planned is long overdue! It's going to be lots of Holiday festivities, finishing up my homemade gifts, catching up on some Blue Lily work, getting in some great meetings, and working with an amazing team on another fun little project :) Okay...so not exactly a "vacation" but I will be doing the things I love with the people I love so it's all good for me! :) xo

and now to make two other people very happy....

The winners of my $10 Tim Horton Gift Card Giveaway are...

Sarah White and Jennaya Robertson!!

Congrats to you both. I'll be in touch so I can arrange delivery of your gift cards! 

Thanks again to all that entered! Lots more contests to come before this little project is done! 

Love Tam xo

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