Things I love... about Summertime

All photos were found via Pinterest

Hello Lovelies!

It's Summertime and what's not to love! Sunshine, BBQ's, sun dresses, lounging on the patio... the list goes on and on! Just taking a moment to share a few of my favourites...

Cool Treats - Seriously who doesn't smile when they hear the Ice Cream Truck come down the street ;) I do have to say though that it would be nice if they rotated their tunes a little bit ;)

Interesting Outdoor Living Areas - One day I am going to have the nicest covered porch so I can sit outside all year long and just enjoy it. This one looks like heaven to me!

Big Sunglasses - Love me some BIG Sunglasses!

Road Trips - The Mr. and I were just discussing what kind of road trips we would add to our bucket list the other day. My top 2 - #1 Okanagan wine tour road trip with a visit to the Drive-In in Vernon. We used to go to the local Drive-In when I was a kid and we loved it! #2 is road trip to small town USA stopping at all the local thrift stores and finding hidden treasures :) I secretly want to be just like those picker guys ;)

Moving my office outside - Ah the joy of laptops! I love my laptop so much, I don't think I'll ever get another desktop again. I love being able to sit on the patio and work just as I would if I was in my office or at my kitchen table!

The Fair - Ummm the Tilt-a-whirl.... no need to say more :)

Tubing in the river - We're very fortunate where we live that we have all kinds of wonderful lakes and rivers. And if you haven't tubed the Cowichan River and been thrown out of your tube, lost your sunglasses and came out with a few war wounds, you haven't lived. ;)

Garage Sales - I'm fairly certain this is where most of my furnishings in my house have come from. I could hit the local garage sales every weekend if time and my skinny little wallet permitted!

Much love to you all,
Tam xo


Sneak Peek of things to come...

Hello :)

Happy 2nd day of Summer!! Finally the nice weather has arrived. Fingers crossed that it's here to stay! :) Things have been super insane around here for the last little bit. My biggest wedding of the season is coming up in just 2 and a half weeks and I've been super busy putting the finishing touches on everything. :) I'm super excited for it and can't wait for it to all be put together!

The items above are a sneak peek of good things to come. Each of them will be making an appearance at the wedding! If you're wondering where on earth you can get such pretty things, I can tell you!

Flowers - this is an inspiration bouquet, but the flowers are being done by Tina of Platinum Floral Design

The banners are being made by Emily at Starling Memory Graphic Design. If you want to purchase your own banners visit her wedding shop Hello Lover here...

and all the vintage goodness is being provided by Sarah of Smiling Rain Photography and Vintage Prop Rentals.

Cannot wait ladies!!

Love you all,
Tam xo


Happy Moment #2

There's just something about the smell of freshly cut grass that makes me feel happy and secure. It reminds me of home :)

Yesterday I received the nicest surprise! I rent my little yellow house from the owners of the local garage/gas station in the village where I live. Yesterday on my way home from work I was thinking about all the household things I had to do this weekend, (one of them being mow my lawn). When I pulled into my driveway it was sooo lovely! The boys at the garage next door had mowed my lawn for me! Such a thoughtful and wonderful surprise!

So... I think they'll be getting some Thank you cupcakes tomorrow :)

I found this pretty photo on Pinterest and just loved it! It's actually a fine art print from No. 9 Images Photography that if you really like, can purchase in their Etsy Shop here...

Hope you all have a fantastic day!
Big Hugs,
Tam xo