Bursting at the seams...

What a beautiful gorgeous day outside today! I've been a little under the weather this past week, but after working outside in the lovely weather today, I feel a whole lot better!

Today my wonderful crew and I went and cut some cedar and pine branches for a Winter Wonderland wedding we have this weekend. We filled my car with as many as it could fit it looked as though it was bursting at the seams! My brother was such a trooper! He had to ride all the way home in the back seat with the branches all around him. :) thanks Vic! xo

On the plus side, the car smelled heavenly and I'm pretty sure this wedding is going to look spectacular! The real branches are going to look and smell sooo much better than fake ones :)

Special thanks to Linda P. for letting us come and raid her property! So very much appreciated!

After spending the day outside, I'm back in my cozy little cabin getting everything in order for the wedding.

Hope you all had a sunny, lazy and ever so lovely Sunday!

Love to all,
Tam xo

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