Back to the grind...

Today was a wonderful day. It was a "pajama day" where I finally got to "undeck the halls" at my house. I've been away since boxing day and crazy busy this week so this was really the first time i've had to take down everything and get my cute little retro cabin back :)

I was also able to get a jump start on a few tasks that I've really been putting off for a while now. They're just not as much fun as the party planning part of this job ;) but i'm happy to say that I'm on my way to having those complete! Yay me! hehe

When I was packing up the Christmas stuff I took a minute to take a few pics of some of my favorite vintage decorations. They were given to me after one of my aunt's passed away and I love them. :)

Hope you all have a lovely evening :)
Tam xoxo

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