A vintage lavender wedding....

This has taken me a while to post, but i'm so glad i've finally gotten to it! In August myself and my incredible team of ladies hosted a beautiful vintage themed 3 day wedding! We had been busy for months planning, shopping, crafting and prepping for the event of our season and the time was finally here!

The wedding was a 3 day event. Quite a few of the guests travelled a great distance to be with the bride and groom on their special day, so they decided to make a weekend out of it! The bride's family is Jewish, so it was wonderfully interesting to be able to incorporate some of the Jewish traditions into the ceremony and reception.

The wedding took place at the beautiful Damali Farms where the lovely Marsha, Dave, and Allison were the most gracious of hosts. We pretty much took over their home for the weekend and they were extremely welcoming and accomdating. We so very much appreciated everything they did for us. :) Not only does the farm look beautiful, but the smell of the lavender is all around you and so inviting. There are chairs placed around the property just waiting for you to sit and enjoy the view and take everything in.

The details are what really made this wedding special. We made all 48 of the centerpieces using home grown flowers from the groom's family garden and vintage tins and bottles that were collected from various thrift stores all over the island. The bouquets were also made by Blue Lily using lavender from the farm and home grown flowers. Flags and large pom poms decorated the veranda. There were board games, croquet and other activities to keep the guests busy. Little quiet areas were created and books and traditional Russian blankets were provided for the guests to enjoy. The food tables were all beautifully styled using vintage linens and dishes, flowers and labels.

The guests danced to the sounds of lively Jewish music down the hill to the ceremony. The bride and groom were lifted into the air for the traditional chair dancing, and patio lanterns lit the dancefloor under the stars.

Dinner was catered by Equinox Catering. So very tasty! and the chef and staff are outstanding! The wedding photography was done by Jenn Violet Photography along with Bonnie of Bonnie Rose Photography for the styling shots of the decorations and table settings.

The days were long and crazy busy, but honestly it was so much fun! There were times I think we could have fallen asleep while standing, but it was so worth it! I think my "wow" moment was when my friend Vina looked at me and said "Tam, this is magazine pretty" :) I knew at that moment I had acheived everything I wanted to with this event. :) I could not have pulled this weekend off without each of my ladies, I am eternally grateful for all their help. I am truly blessed to have all of them in my life. Love you Bons, Jen, Lisa, Vina, and Britt! Thank you so much! xo

These are some of our favorite pics. Super excited to share them all with you!

Love to all
Tam xo

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