Mother's Day, good friends and cupcakes...

I hope you all enjoyed this mother's day weekend as much as I did! Mine was definitely busy, but tons of fun! I spent most of it visiting with family and friends, and in the kitchen making cupcakes :) My little friend Sydney turned 9 this last week and asked if I would make the cupcakes for her party. She was pretty excited when I told her she could pick any kind she wanted and even more excited when she found out we could put chocolate pudding in the middle of them ;) We decided they would be vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate pudding in the middle, oh and they had to be pink and red.

I was so happy to hear that everyone loved them! Good choice on the flavors Syd!

Here's a few pics of the finished product...

We usually combine  Mother's Day with my Mom's birthday as they're only a few days apart, so this year I had the family plus my two good friends Lisa and Lisha over for dinner. Such a good time! My stomach hurts from laughing so much! So glad they could all make it! Instead of cake this year my mom requested cupcakes... The recipe for these little beauties came from the ever so lovely and talented, Miss Martha Stewart. The pics below are mine from tonight.. not bad for my first attempt :) Click here to find the complete instructions directly from Martha herself! They turned out to be super cute, and actually pretty easy to make!

Wishing all you amazing Mamas out there a fantastic Mother's Day!
Love Tam xo

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