Holiday Fun

The holiday season is finally here! It seems like all year long I'm waiting for Christmas to come. I've even been known to secretly listen to Christmas carols in the car during the late summer months.... I know... kinda crazy, but I'm sure I'm not the only guilty one! ;) Everything about it makes me smile. The decorations and crafting, the feeling you get when you find that perfect gift for someone, the sense of community that seems to be all around us, and who could forget the family traditions! My Mom and Dad have really seemed to take to the "blinking and flashing" theme. Your eyes are guaranteed to twitch from all that flashes, the Griswold's are usually referenced several times during the season, and I'm sure the spectacular display would bring tears of joy to Clark Griswold's eyes. But you know, as much as we tease them and laugh, we all love it and couldn't imagine a Christmas without it.

This weekend, two of my little friends Louie and Tash (who also happen to be super bakers) came over and helped me with some of my holiday baking. Here's a photo of one of their creations.

Hope you all have a lovely evening. xoxo

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