Beautiful succulent and vintage book arrangements for rent from Highberry Dew!!

My girl Tacy of Highberry Dew has really outdone herself this time! Tacy has created these amazing vintage book and succulent book arrangements and she wants to share them with all of you! 

Dreaming up tablescapes is not too much of a stretch for Tacy Rockwell of Highberry Dew. It's her form of day dreaming. Since childhood, she has 'staged' tables for her dolls, done up tea parties for her stuffed animals and moved on, in her teen years, to be household "table setter" in her family of four. 

Now that she owns her own design and styling company, Highberry Dew, she is churning out favourite items and designs for rustic and whimsical decor pieces. With a nod in the direction of traditional British terrariums, these succulent book planters combine Tacy's love of rich old book pages, with her passion for gardening. An on-trend accessory in the design world, these tiny gardens are beautiful against any backdrop. Now available to grace guest tables at your wedding or dazzle your bridal shower attendees, Highberry Dew rents these hand-made 'labours of love' for any occasion you can dream up! "

For information or to place an order:

Contact Blue Lily Event Planning or Highberry Dew

Hope you all have a lovely day! 
Tam xo 

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