Blue Lily Advent Calendar - Dec 14 - and the winners are...

Well...today's contest proves that everyone LOVES Tim Hortons! Even my Dad entered! :) and those of you who know him, know that's a pretty big deal. ;) haha

As promised, I'm giving away 4 - $10 Timmie's Gift Cards :) Super happy to announce the following winners....
  1. Bonnie Beeley 
  2. Veronica Osborne 
  3. Hey You Media, and 
  4. Staci Staples! 

Sorry Dad.... :( 

Congrats to you all! Please send an email to hello@bluelilyevents.com with your mailing address and I'll be sure to get your cards out by the weekend!

Holy cow it's late! and this girl has to get up early! Have a good night and I'll chat with you all tomorrow!

Love Tam xo