What's on my table... My family Thanksgiving

I love the holidays, really any excuse to cook and have people over suits me just fine, but Thanksgiving is one of my favourites. I try really hard to show the love and appreciation I have for my friends and family all the time, but Thanksgiving is just that yearly reminder that we really are fortunate for all the things we have. For our health, loving family and friends and for having a roof over our heads. 

This year, I invited some of my family over to may place. :) My house might be small (a mere 788 sq feet to be exact), but that didn't stop us from cramming, 10 adults, 1 toddler, and 5 shitzu cross dogs and 2 cats into it! Dinner was great (if I do say so myself) ;), and the company was outstanding. :) The evening was filled with love, laughter, board games and even some friendly competitive name calling. ;) 

I wanted to do something a little special and sentimental this year, so I made each guest a little fall inspired card, and wrote in each one why I was particularly thankful for that person. I placed them at their settings so they could open them when they all sat down for dinner. It worked! It was warm fuzzies, fighting back little tears and lots of hugs and thank yous :) Just what I wanted. :) Even the people that couldn't make it got one with their left overs that were sent home for them. 

So here's the scoop! This is what was on my table and I'll even share where I found all my little goodies and how much it cost me in total! 

Table Decor
  • Ivory Table Cloths
  • Burnt orange napkins
  • Small glass creamers for vases
  • Tealight holders
  • White dinnerware 
  • Wine glasses
  • Plummy Purple fabric made my table runner
  • Flowers were yellow, white and fuchsia coloured Freesia and yellow Silea flowers
  • Little handmade "I'm thankful" cards at each place setting. 
All the rentals were from Special Occasions in Duncan and the flowers were from the Red Barn Market on MacKenzie Ave in Victoria. Fabric was from Fabricland in Duncan. 

Total cost of my table decor was $70. Not too shabby and it looked so pretty when all the candles were lit and my loved ones were around it. :) 

I hope you all had the most lovely Thanksgiving. I wanted to say that I'm so very thankful for all of you as well. Sometimes this little adventure of mine can get a bit hectic and I sacrifice sleep and "me time" to get it all done. I love it to bits, but the encouragement and appreciation from all of you is what really keeps me going. So for that, I am eternally grateful, I couldn't be having this much fun and doing what I love without all of you. :) 

Love to all, 
Tam xo

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