A candy party for Sophie....

I had such a nice day yesterday! My little friend Sophie was having her birthday party and I was going to help her and her friends celebrate :) Sophie decided that she wanted to have a candy themed party this year, and that's exactly what she got! We jammed as many sparkly, girly, and candy themed activities, crafts and games into 2 hours as we possibly could! 

We made the cutest and extremely blinged out magnets. Those girls seriously appreciate the rhinestones ;) We played some fun and silly games, and made candy kabobs, and little marshmallow cupcake treats which I loved!

After all the crafting and giggling, the girls enjoyed red velvet cupcakes with the yummiest cream cheese frosting you've ever tasted (courteosy of Mama Em). I think I might need to "borrow" her recipe :)

Here's a few pics from our afternoon....

{one can never have enough sparkly paint}

{rhinestones galore}

{yummy snacks}

{making candy kabobs}

{looks yummy!}

{tasty and super cute marshmallow cupcakes}

{yummiest red velvet cupcakes by Mama Em}

{party banners and apple trees}

Thanks so much to Emily and Sophie for having me! Hope you have a Happy Birthday Miss Sophie!

Love Tam xo


  1. Awesome pics !!! Very delicious and yummy stuff in this candy party. By inspire you i will soon organize for my kids and their friends :)

  2. Aw that's so great! Thank you! Hope you have lots of fun! send me a note if you have any questions! Have a fantastic day! xo