Now I just need somewhere to go...

My favorite place to shop and find all sorts of little gems is a store here in Duncan, BC called "Belongings". Inside you'll find a 1950's whimsical children's lamp, a refurbished dresser and hutch, a beautiful classic dining room suite and everything you can imagine in between! When you walk in you're always greeted with a warm welcome from Jeanette or one of her lovely and ever so helpful staff. They all seem to truly love being there, which make my shopping experience all that much nicer. It's never a problem finding something I want, it's usually limiting it to what I can fit in my house or car. :)

This is my latest purchase. My vintage suitcase is perfect for me! It's in amazing condition, and is fully lined with satin pockets for me to fill. At $14 it was a total bargin! I can't wait to use it! My girlfriends and I have been tossing around ideas for a summer road trip. I think we'd best get on it!

Hope you all have a lovely evening.


A day at the beach

It was such a beautiful day today, I spent a few hours at the beach with my good friend Tracy and my nephew Caleb. Caleb just turned 2 last week, so he's at that age where everything is new and exciting. We pretty much turned over every rock on the beach searching for any crab we could find, and splashed in every stream and puddle out there. I was wishing I wore my boots!

It's so much fun spending time with him like this, it gives me an excuse to play and enjoy the simple things through his eyes. Here's a pic of the little Mr.

love to all. :) Tam xo

Cupcakes and Sunshine!

Two of my most favourite things! The beautiful weather is here, and with that I've been busy planting my flowers, doing some spring cleaning and trying new recipes in the kitchen. This one is a lemon cake with homemade lemon icing.
Was even yummier than it looks!

Here's the details for the icing:

1/2 cup a butter
2 table spoons of lemon juice (but I used a smidge more)
1/2 tea spoon vanilla extract
3 cups of icing sugar

Blend together and add a little yellow food colouring if you wish. :)
Hope everyone has a lovely day! xo