Turn regular milk into a party treat!

Found this great idea on the Better Homes and Gardens site and loved it so much I thought I would share. A glass of milk takes on a whole new deliciousness with donut-hole heads!

Simply fill the mini milk bottle with milk, place a powdered donut-hole on top. I would use mini chocolate chips for eyes and icing or a piece of an orange ju-jube for a nose. Pierce the donut-hole with a skewer and insert your straw. Cut some yarn or festive peices of fabric for a scarf and garnish with a scrapbooking brad for a whimsical look.

Once the kids see these they'll be too excited to realize they're drinking plain old milk. Another variation might be to add chocolate to the milk and make little brown bears, or any other animal you fancy!

Photo is courteousy of Better Homes and Gardens.

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