Lucy and Ryan - A Boho Wedding

Good Evening Lovelies :) 

I got the nicest surprise in my inbox today from the wonderfully talented Kimberley Kuffas Photography and I couldn't wait to share them all with you! Lucy and Ryan were married in late May of this year, at one of the most peaceful and beautiful places I've encountered yet; The Alders Beach Resort in Merville BC. 

Lucy really wanted to find a place that had both the ocean and the forest, but wasn't having any luck finding both these things together, until her cousin told her about this little gem. Once she saw the gorgeous ocean view and how it was almost entirely surrounded by forest she knew this was it :) 

The wedding aisle was a long stroll in front of the vintage cabins where some family and friends watched from the porches and steps. The stroll placed them on a little hill surrounded by trees with the gorgeous ocean in the back ground. It was perfect. There was so much love and just pure joy that day. It truly was contagious and you couldn't help but be in awe of it. I can't help but tear up when I look at the photos and watch the wedding video by Robin Kufaas Films. 

I loved everything about this wedding. Everything was beautiful, sweet, and showed their true personalities, and that is my absolute favorite.  I love that the groomsmen wore jeans. The tables were decorated with vintage doilies and family table cloths, wood rounds, little alder rounds filled with succulents. (I actually have one on my desk right now and just love it). We had a silver canoe that held the ice and alcohol and dinner was this amazing make your own burrito bar from Livewire Catering and oh my goodness that dessert table! Family and friends made all desserts you will see below. It was so much fun to style it, I think it's my favorite one that I've done so far. 

At one point during the speeches they opened up the floor so that anyone could come up and say a little something. What happened next was fantastic.  An actual line formed of people wanting to share heartwarming stories of their experiences with the couple, loving advice was shared, and even music was sung. It's so hard to actually describe how much love was in that one place, but it was nothing like I'd ever seen before. 

Below is a few of my favorite photos from Kimberley Kufaas. Thank you so much for sharing these with me Kim and a big Thank you to Lucy and Ryan for letting me be a part of your big day. I loved every part of it. xo 

Love always, 
Tam xo


  1. i have never seen such an amazing show of love all around.. the whole weekend was amazing.. much like Lulu and Ryan..
    thank you for all 'details' that added to the perfection of love and nature.. family and friends..

    karla lysne broadfoot

  2. you are most welcome! it was so much fun, I loved everyone there and it really was such an example of love and family. words can't really describe the feeling :) xo

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