New Year.. new start... new me :)

So this might be a little late for a New Year's Post, but I've been thinking about this since the New Year so that has to count for something right? Like many people, I think of Jan 1st as a new start, a clean slate, or at the very least something fresh. In years past I've made resolutions and some have been kept, some not. I am happy to say that I got to cross a few things off "my list" last year and met some goals so that was nice. :) I'll take my "wins" no matter how small they seem to be. :) 

I've been doing some thinking, reflecting, and maybe even some "growing" this past little while.  I've decided that this is my year. My year to work hard, play hard, really look into what makes me happy and make the most out of every day and every moment I have. The above photo is my new desktop. It's all pictures I found on Pinterest and the words kind of hit home with me. Sometimes you really do have to stop and just be grateful and take ownership of your life and how you're living it. :) I know I've said it before, but I really mean it, I've met some amazing and wonderful people on this little adventure, and even on the days when the bank account is thin, the days are long and I feel a little overwhelmed with my list of things to do and people to see, I'm so grateful to be able to be doing the things I love. :)

So here's to new beginnings, old and new friends, working hard, enjoying all the lovely things and moments life has to offer and just being happy. :) 

I hope your year is full of love, happiness, hard work and exciting adventures! 
Love Tam xo