Blue Lily Advent Calendar - Dec 17 - Super Cute Sweater Gift Tags!


Happy to report that I'm now well into my Christmas Shopping and only have to get something for my Mom left on my list. I think I'm going to be using some of these fun little tags when I finally get to all the wrapping I have to do! 

Today is another FREEBIE from Eat Drink Chic! I really do love this site, she has so many pretty, useful, and creative things. Definitely one of my favorites. 

To download these cute tags click here...
To see more of her site and her article about these fun little tags click here... 

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday! 

Love Tam xo 


  1. It looks stylish, fashionable and trendy...

  2. Thanks! I so love that website! She has so many amazing things! xo