Blue Lily Advent Calendar - Dec 10 - Free Printable Home-made Canning Jar Labels

The other night I was cruising the Internet looking for some Christmas present inspiration. I love to give my family little home-made gifts each year just as a little something extra. I stumbled upon this fun little blog called The Cottage Industrialist that had all kinds of goodies to print and share! This particular Freebie was from Paper Crave, who was guest posting on their site. Be sure to check out both these sites, they've got all kinds of recipes, ideas and Free Printables!

Now this Freebie I KNOW is going to come in super handy for a few of you, not only for Christmas time, but for throughout the year as well. I'll be sharing the links with you to print the jar tags as seen in the photo above as well as some round labels for the tops of the mason jars.

Click on the links below and save the PDF's to your computer. Print the bigger labels on card stock and the round ones on sticker paper (you can get both papers at any office store), and cut them out! Handwrite the name of your yummy treat on the labels, attach with some ribbon or string and you're done!

For the Jar shaped labels click here...
For the round lid labels click here...

Have a lovely Saturday!
Love Tam xo