Disney Cars and a Garden Theme... this is how we put them together

I'm super excited to be able to share my latest party pics with you all! A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from one of the nicest Mom's I've had the pleasure of working with. She was throwing a joint birthday party for 2 of her kids and wanted to try something new. 

Her little boy wanted a Disney Cars theme, and for her daughter, she chose a garden theme... I know what you're thinking... they couldn't be further apart! I was going to have to figure out a way to blend these two themes so that they both had their individuality but meshed together as well. 

I think we did just that! We created 2 separate dessert and candy buffet tables each with their own very distinct look and then further incorporated each theme around the room with centrepieces and festive flag banners. Custom stickers and candy jar labels were made by Emily at Starling Memory. She did a fantastic job! I'm really happy with how everything turned out, and it was wonderful to see the reaction of all the guests as they walked in. :) It made my day :) 

This little project has kept me fairly busy, and I just wanted to pass along a HUGE Thank you to some very special people for their talent, late night cups of tea, and for being so willing to help me bring this little idea to reality. I love and appreciate you all. xo 

So here you go! These are a few of my favourite pics from today! 

for him...

{Who doesn't love Pop Shoppe}

{Cupcakes from Ooh La La and Race Car Gummies}

{Candy Sticks and Race Car themed lollipops}

{The finished product!}

and for her....

{Classic Candy Sticks... I used to LOVE these as a kid}

 {Lollipops and polka dots...}

{Pink Lemonade and Cupcakes}

 {baby feet...xo}

{some yummy goodies, and vintage milk glass}

  {fun and festive clothesline...seriously how cute is she!}

{the full view}

Hope you all have a very lovely evening! 

Love to all, 
Tam xo 

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