Restful weekends = good friends, campfires, and banana boats...

Happy Sunday Morning :)

I had such a busy week last week. Between contract work, meetings with brides and other clients, and my own stuff, I burned the midnight oil a few times! It was really nice to be able to spend at least one day of my weekend doing whatever I wanted. :) Friday night I got together with some friends at a local pub. So great to catch up and just laugh. I'm pretty lucky, I really do have the bestest and funniest friends ever. :) Love them all.

Saturday was puttering around home and getting ready for the bestie who's visiting with her kidlets from Banff, to come over for some "pretend camping". We told Thomas that when we're able to go swimming we'd really camp out at my house. We had a campfire, roasted hot dogs and made banana boats for dessert! sooo yummy and it brought back memories of the days when the bestie and i used to be in Brownies together. See how lucky I am?... I've known her since we were 6!
{the little cutie pie Emily... she was ready for the weather! }

Just in case you all don't know what a Banana Boat is, I'll give you the scoop! Best camping treat ever and super easy to make. The kids can make their own. :)
{Yummy, Banana Boat}

What you need:
a banana
2 teaspoons of mini marshmallows
1 teaspoon of chocolate chips
a sharp knife or steak knife
oven mitts

What you need to do:
With the banana still in the peel you need to make one cut down the entire length of the banana. leave about 1 cm on each end. Stuff the marshmallows and chocolate chips into the slit. Feel free to stuff in as many as you can. Wrap the banana in tin foil leaving a room for a bit of air or steam to move around inside. Place directly into the coals of the campfire for about 10-15 min. Remove from fire and let cool. Open up and eat directly out of the peel with a spoon! So terribly yummy!

Kim suggested that ice cream would be heavenly with is as well.

Hope you all have enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love Tam

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