DIY wedding...who says creativity has to be expensive

Sometimes having a tighter budget for your wedding can lead to a much more creative and unique event. It forces you to think a little more "outside the box" and the result can be absolutely stunning!

I love the lounge feel that this bride and groom have created with the couch and the strings of homemade flowers made from vintage fabrics that they've hung behind it. The ceiling is made from stringing twinkle lights and then hanging strips of paper just below them to create that cozy warm feel. Using large balloons in photos is actually one of my favorite things.

Too see more on this wedding and get all the details from the bride herself, check out Ruffled Blog. It's my very favorite place to go and get all kinds of ideas and inspirations, and the lady Amanda who owns it, is just as lovely. :)

Happy Saturday!
Tam xo

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