Sunshine and Easter Eggs...

I just had the loveliest of weekends! I got to catch up with some of my best friends, spend some time with the Mr. and work outside in the sunshine all day today! :) Such a good time! 

I was doing some research for our Brownie meeting tomorrow night and was trying to find some cool ways that they kids could decorate some Easter Eggs. There were so many creative and easy ideas out there, I thought I'd share some of them with you! 

My girls are all in either grade 2 or 3 so they're at that age where they want to do a more detailed craft, but you still want to make it simple enough for them so that they can achieve the look they want without getting too frustrated or discouraged. I think these techniques will do just that and the kids will have a blast making them! 

I love these little finger print ladybugs. By simply dying the eggs then using their finger prints and markers you can make this design. I think little catepillars would be super cute too! Maybe in a rainbow of colours. 

Create different layers and almost a plaid like look by dipping eggs in different colours. Or dab with bingo dabbers, or layer with fun shaped stickers. Remove the stickers once the eggs are dry to reveal your silhouettes. 

Dying with Kook-Aid!!! I am soooo going to try this! The link below says to mix one pkg with 2/3 of a cup of water. We are so doing this! 

Use pieces of felt to create little barn yard animals. I think little pink pigs would be super cute too! 

OMGosh! Tattoos! I'll be picking these up as well! Rub on tattoos make a simple but lovely decorated egg. Perfect for a Easter dinner centre piece! 

And who could forget chalkboard paint! I prefer the spray kind. Spray the eggs and let them dry. Let the kids to nuts using regular chalk or liquid chalk board pens! 

Hope you all have fun decorating! 
Love Tam xo


Calling all Couples....

Calling all couples!! Are you part of a lovey dovey couple? Do you like surprises and love to have fun? Do you love to get your picture taken? If so, then we want you!! 

I'm super excited to announce that I'm teaming up with the ever so lovely Erika of Element Photography and some other amazing vendors from our area for a styled photo shoot! I can't tell you where the location of the shoot will be, (that's the surprise part), but I can tell you it's absolutely FANTASTIC! 

Our chosen couple will start the day with full hair and make up. Then it's onto our super fantastic top secret location for wardrobe, and a completely styled photo shoot! Seriously who doesn't love a day of primping and getting all glammed up? We've got big plans folks and I promise you won't be disappointed! 

We'll be publishing the photos sometime in June and our lucky couple will receive a disk of fully edited photos to do whatever they want with at that time. We'll be using the photos on our websites and much much more! 

If this sounds like fun and you're interested let us know! Just send us a few pics of you and your main squeeze and tell us a few things about you both! My Mom always says that it's nice to share, so please share this with your friends and family! 

Applications will be accepted until April 1st, 2012. We'll announce our lucky couple shortly after! 

We do have a few "musts" that I need to share with you all... 

  • our couple MUST be willing to wear a bridal gown and suit
  • and they MUST be available on April 22nd, (the day of our shoot) for the times specified in the poster :) 

To apply, please email info.elementphoto@gmail.com 

Thanks so much everyone! I can't wait for this day to come! 
Love Tam xo


New adventures....

Hey Folks,

Sorry I've been a little absent lately on the blog. I've been super busy with all my weddings for this year, my regular day jobs, and some other adventures I have coming up and sadly have been neglecting the blog. I've got all kinds of things in the works that I can't wait to share with you, so I'll try to be a bit better with the sharing part :) 

Speaking of sharing.... the photo above is a bit of  a sneak peek into something I've been working on. I can't share too much yet, as we don't want to spoil the surprise, but please keep checking back. In the next few weeks we'll be announcing some pretty fantastic stuff and I want to make sure all of you see it. :) 

Have a lovely evening everyone! 
Big hugs, 
Tam xo