Re-living the moments

Having a photographer at your event to capture those extraordinary moments will help you celebrate and re-live the memories for years to come.

The ability to capture a moment, to realize emotion, and to portray beauty is what Staci Staples Photography believes photography is all about. They can help you capture that image that best represents who you are.

Click on Staci's link in our "who we love" section to view her website.

Custom Invitations

Have your party be fabulous right from the start! Surprise your guests with beautiful custom invitations to go with your theme.

This invitation was designed by Emily Armstrong Designs for Sophie's upcoming 5th Birthday Party. We think it's going to be quite a royal event!

Click on Emily's link in our "who we love" section to view her blog.


Easy Party Banner

This is an example of the birthday banner that we'll be creating for Princess Sophie's 5th Birthday party!