A sunday afternoon...

This last Sunday I enjoyed a little bit of time to myself and got a chance to play with my new cupcake decorating set.

They're not perfect, but I was happy with my first attempt. :) Since then, I've found some really great and fun ideas, and can't wait to try them out this weekend!

Love to all,
Tam xo


Drinks at the Mod Pod...

If you were to meet my good friend Jen L, the first thing you would notice, (besides that she's cute as a button), is her classic and retro sense of style. This girl is a true lover of all things vintage. Her apartment is an amazing display of her collections and we actually refer to it as "the mod pod" :) I think my favorites are her bakelite button magnets and her vintage bracelets.

Jen's a bit like me, she loves pretty things, and likes to partake in life's little indulgences.

This is Jen's signature drink. I asked her for the recipe so I could share it with all of you. :) This one is definately for sipping, but i'm sure you'll agree that it's delicious.

French 75

1.5 oz gin
2 oz lemon juice
2tsp super fine sugar
Garnish: lemon curl

Mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker except the champagne. Pour into a champagne flute or collins glass. Top with champagne. Garnish with a lemon curl and enjoy!

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday evening.



A good old fashioned tea party...

It's no secret that I love pretty things. It's also no secret that I love to use them whenever possible. I don't believe in saving things for special occasions. I think we should enjoy them everyday. I use my good china to eat my morning cereal, I wear my favorite perfume to do my laundry, and I add pretty little touches to things whenever I can.

Today we hosted a tea party to welcome the newest addition to my best friend's family. Emily is now 5 weeks old and ever so lovely. She's quite happy being held, (which suits me just fine), and I know we're going to be the bestest of friends. I can hardly wait until she's old enough to craft ;)

This event was the perfect excuse for me to pull out my favorite table cloth and all my vintage tea cups, saucers, and serving trays. The menu consisted of traditional tea time favorites with some sweet extras thrown in for good measure.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

Tam xoxo